Cultural Tourism                                                                                                          НА БЪЛГАРСКИ ЕЗИК

Cultural Tourism in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is rich in cultural and archaeological sights and offers opportunities for cultural tourism all over its territory. Each region in Bulgaria has unique culture and traditions. There are many interesting places to visit and the best way to do this is to book cultural tours in Bulgaria offered by Tour operators and Travel Agencies.

Cultural tourism in Bulgaria corresponds to the world trend – the heritage to become known and used through cultural tourism, as a powerful resource for stable social development. This trend is of present interest especially for Bulgaria, as 19 projects under the aegis of the European Union’s PHARE Program for "Development of cultural tourism in Bulgaria" are implemented during this year.


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Rural & Eco Tourism        MORE INFORMATION              НА БЪЛГАРСКИ ЕЗИК

Rural & Eco Tourism in BulgariaThe development of rural tourism in Bulgaria has been concentrated in a few areas of the country, mainly located at natural waters, around thermal springs and in the mountains. The “traditional” rural tourism in Bulgaria was somehow "lost" in the meantime. In Bulgaria at the moment, foreign tourists are mostly interested in two types of rural tourism: first, in accommodation in the vicinity of popular tourist destinations (being motivated by the much lower prices), second, in folklore programmes.
The development of all the other types of rural tourism (including active nature holidays or participation in farm activities) is still in an early stage.

Having chosen the village entertainment, a tourist can get involved in agricultural activities, rides with horses and carts, craftsmen’s activities like wood processing, carving, textile, ceramics, weaving, blacksmith activities, etc. If you are willing, you can take part in cuisine courses or wine tasting, you can study Bulgarian folklore or watch the local family and religious celebrations.

The accommodation is usually in the hosts’ own house. Guests can have their meals on the table together with the hosts. Traditional local meals are served, along with ecologically clean natural Bulgarian food and drinks. The tourists can take part in the preparation of the food, if they want to.

Hunting Tourism                        MORE INFORMATION                               НА БЪЛГАРСКИ ЕЗИК

Hunting Tourism in BulgariaHunting tourism in Bulgaria provides not only financial income for developing of the hunting reserve, but also contributes to the unforgettable experience of our guests. All hunters become real friends of Bulgaria once they see the beauty of our magnificent nature.

This kind of tourism helped Bulgaria to become a first-class hunting destination. Every year more than 1600 hunters visit Bulgaria, the majority of them are regular visitors. The special contemporary facilities ensure successful implement of hunting tourism, wonderful hunting trophies and unforgettable memories.

There are many places in Bulgaria where keen hunters can practice their favourite sport. This facility offers you all the conditions needed for a successful hunt. Hunters come to Bulgaria not only for the thrill but also for the peace they find among the beautiful Bulgarian nature. The rich variety of game is another prerequisite for the pleasant and successful hunt.

The game wealth of Bulgaria is presented by more than 19 000 deer, 70 000 roes, 1 800 wild goats, 41 000 boars, 900 bears, 2300 cocks of the wood, hares, partridges, pheasants and others (all numbers are approximate).

Sky Tourism                                                            НА БЪЛГАРСКИ ЕЗИК

Sky Tourism in BulgariaYou can read here about opportunities for Bungy Jumping, Paragliding, Parachutism and Sky Diving in Bulgaria. Find more info about best locations, guided tours and pictures by browsing the navigation menu on the left side.

Bungee Jumping

The bungee jumping in Bulgaria is relatively new sport activity which became popular in the last 10 years. There are many places in Bulgaria where you can practice and enjoy bungee jumping in all its varieties.

- Asparuhov bridge in Varna – 52 m height, the most popular bungee jumping place in Bulgaria. Jumps are very close to the water even “touch the water” bungee jumps are possible.

- The bridge in Rouse is a very popular bungee jumping location in Bulgaria, 42m height.

- The Stambolov Bridge in Veliko Tarnovo is not very high but with very charming panorama.

- The curve in the cave "Prohodna" near the village of Karlukovo

- Viaduct "Bebresh" Vitinia – about 60 km away from the capital Sofia. It is the highest bridge on the Balkans with 120m height.

- Viaduct near the village Klisura – about 100 km away from the capital Sofia. There are 5 high bridges in the distance of 10 km.

- Viaduct Kovacha over Veleka river , 50m height.

For the hottest fans of the extreme sports there are other bungee jumping possibilities in Bulgaria like:

- Bungee jumping from hot-air balloons at 50-150m height
- Bungee jumping from 50-70m tower
- Bungee jumping from auto cranes
- Indoor bungee jumping
- Rocket bungee
- Base jumping - using a parachute to jump from high buildings or rocks.


Paragliding                                                              НА БЪЛГАРСКИ ЕЗИК

The terrains in Bulgaria provide great places for a paragliding vacation. You will be surprised to find such a variety of landscapes - mountains, flatlands and beaches. Paragliding in Bulgaria can offer you high launches, magnificent views and strong thermals. There are many paragliding training schools in Bulgaria that offer the necessary equipment and guided tours.

Locations for Paragliding in Bulgaria

The best paragliding flying sites in Bulgaria are in the cities Sopot, Zlatitza, Kom and Sliven as well in the Balkan Mountains, Vitosha, Rila and Pirin mountains.

The flatland flying sites for paragliding in Bulgaria are near the cities Madara, Shumen, Vratza and Montana with soft and distinctive thermals and opportunities for cross-country flying.

There are great seacoast flying sites in Albena, Balchik, Varna and Burgas experiencing long hours relaxing soaring around the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.


Sea Tourism                                                                                                                       НА БЪЛГАРСКИ ЕЗИК

Bulgarian sea resorts give to their guests the opportunity to experience unique moments by choosing the place of their holidays.The variety of hotels, restaurants, taverns, entertainment and night clubs transmute the momentary rest into an interesting experience.

The great number of mineral springs, swimming pools, parks, sports facilities and health services offer comfort and calmness to every tourist.

The airports in Varna and Bourgas, the comfortable roads and the internal transport reduce travelling and place extra convenience at tourists' disposal.

The Coast

The resorts have mushroomed, growing increasingly sophisticated as the prototype mega-complexes have been followed by “holiday villages”. With fine weather and safe bathing practically guaranteed, the selling of the coast has been a success in economic terms. There are a lot of places as ancient Sozopol and touristy Nesebar, to please the eye.

  • Ancient port , Varna
  • Apollonian Pontiac , Sozopol
  • Around the year , Varna
  • Black sea coast , Chayka Village
  • Dyuni Holiday Vilage , Dyuni
  • Elenite Holiday Village , Elenite
  • Modern tourist village , Kiten
  • One of the oldest sea resorts , Saint Konstantin
  • Pontus euxinos - hospitable sea , Chayka Resort
  • Romantic peninsula , Nesebar


 Mountain Tourism          MORE INFORMATION               НА БЪЛГАРСКИ ЕЗИК




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